Thursday, June 20, 2024

Yoga – A humble gift from India to World

Over 5000 years ago, our ancestors from India gifted us with greatest health science to purify our mind body and soul. Firmly rooted in Indian tradition the name ‘Yoga’ is derived from classical language Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ which means ‘Union’ or to be one. Union can be with Universe, Nature or Divine.Being oldest holistic health care approach, Yoga is not just limited to healing the physical aspects but also mental and spiritual well-being. Mental well-being aspect has made yoga so popular all over the world.In Yogic terms, our physical body is made of 5 major elements, namely, Earth,Water, Fire, Air and Space. When proportion of these elements gets disturbed body is no more at ease and hence the disease. Therefore, primary focus of Yogais to balance these 5 elements.

Today the world over Yoga is generally considered to prevent disease and wipe out stress, which it definitely does. But in ancient India and Hinduism,physical well-being was only one of the aspects of Yoga. Cleansing or rather purifying ourselves internally before getting into Yoga postures makes it highly effective and PRANAYAM is the best way to do that.

Today I will explain Anulom Vilom Praanaayaam, which has lots of significance before getting into Yoga postures and also to reach higher level of consciousness. This simple praanaayaam can be done by anyone. It’s said that there around 72,000 nadis (flow of energy) in our body and if this praanaayaam is performed with dedication for at least 3 months during Sunrise and Sunset for 15 minutes, it helps purify entire nadis.To practice this praanaayaam, sit in steady and comfortable posture withback straight and eyes closed. With right thumb close the right nostril and slowly inhale through the left without making any sound as long as comfortable. After complete inhalation close the left nostril with ring and little finger and exhale very slowly through right nostril. After complete exhalation inhale through right nostril and exhale through left.Embrace nature by practicing Yoga outdoors. Each hormone in our body needs the vibes of nature be it in the form of Sunlight, fresh air or the wonderful creatures around us.Once the base (physical body) is disease free,through Yoga asana practice, focus can be to reach higher consciousness and be in a blissful state, which is ultimate purpose of Yoga.

Divya Rohan Patil

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