Friday, July 19, 2024

Mind Spa


Answer: We are surrounded these days with so many activities work accompanied with past incidents that mind is constantly engaged with so many thoughts and the same manifests into habit. This in turn makes mind more restless. Meditation is all about living in the present by providing some peace to mind.Meditation initially might be difficult task, especially, for beginners in Yoga. When we close our eyes sit to meditate, that would the time all thoughts bombards. Its better to allow these thoughts and imaginations to flow rather than forcefully trying to stop it.A very effective way to make mind calm is by observing breath pattern. Just by checking the rhythm of inhalation and exhalation, we can experience that moment of life. If there is something which can conquer mind, then that’s breath. Hip opening postures in Yoga, such as, warriors and triangle help come out of stress and in turn bursts stress. Stress less mind is better prepared for meditation. Early morning meditation, when nature is at its best, nobody to bother around is highly effective. It can also be at night before heading to sleep. Just think and take out all the frustrations of the day before meditating and a sound sleep awaits you.Meditating in Padmasana or lotus pose makes it possible to reach higher level consciousness. This pose maintains a straight back, which is necessary to meditate. Slow ‘OM’ chanting or soothing music along with the pose helps in concentration and thought control.When you meditate, you are exploring yourself deeper. Each person is unique and so is their experience. When exploring self, one feels calm, joyful and gets clarity in all aspects of life.

Divya Rohan (Life Coach @ Svaastika)