Sunday, July 21, 2024

Mind Spa

Question: I lost my job a few months ago and since then I’ve been unable to find the motivation to do, well, anything. The biggest problem for me, though, is that recognizing the problem doesn’t help. I feel depressed, useless and careless .So how do I break the cycle and come back to myself ?

Answer: When we encounter negative situations in life, it affects our mental wellbeing more deeper than we realize. I think you’ve done some really effective reflecting; however, it’s not something within you, but rather the interaction between your needs and your environment that aren’t matching well. I also suspect that the circumstances of how your last job ended — not by your choice, it seems — may be making it even more difficult for you to find the energy to care.

Often when people lose a job, it can feel much like grief. The multiple losses experienced with a job loss, such as loss of structure, accountability, social connections, and a place to go every day, can be significant. When we experience a loss and are grieving, we often don’t feel like ourselves. We feel more sluggish, tired, have changes in appetite, feel isolated or have difficulty reaching out to others. Combining these difficulties with the pressure to find a new job can be even more debilitating. In these situations, it can be helpful to talk with a trusted friend or a mental health professional to process the loss, to engage in greater self-care, and to find ways to set the pressure to find a job aside until you’ve worked through what the job meant and what it means not to have it now.

After going through the grief process, it may also be helpful to find someone who specializes in counseling therapies or a psychotherapist.A well-trained professional can work with you to explore your interests, abilities, and values to find a good person-environment fit for you that will be more inspiring and motivating . Work is an integral part of our lives and our identities — and exploring to find something meaningful and satisfying may be worth the time and energy for you now.  Also they could help you remove negative emotions and thought process related to this particular incident and heal your mental bruises through therapy  like EFT. You will indeed feel refreshed and your own self with just a session or two. Also you can get to know more about yourself which could  assist you to  return to a modified  career path.

Sindhu Nandakumar (Consulting Psychotherapist )