Zomato’s bold IIT Delhi withdrawal

Zomato, known for its quirky marketing both online and offline, has once again grabbed attention with a story straight out of the corporate drama playbook. According to a research intern at IIT Delhi, Zomato allegedly made an impressive Rs. 1.6 crore offer during campus placements only to later retract it. The intern shared a screenshot of the college notice on ‘X,’ revealing that Zomato, along with other companies, would no longer participate in the placement process, sparking a buzz on the internet.

Talwar, who posted the snapshot, caused a stir with the caption, “Zomato came to the campus, offered 1.6 cr salary, got the hype, and left,” leading to speculation about the authenticity of the high-paying role and whether it was a Zomato marketing tactic.

In the midst of confusion, some saw it as Zomato’s marketing brilliance. Observers suggested, “Zomato got bored of trolling just on notifications,” and another commented, “That was actually the gameplan – of creating hype.”

However, not everyone found it amusing. Some criticized Zomato, calling it a ‘low move.’ One critic said, “If Zomato did this as a marketing stunt, they should be ashamed of themselves.” Another added, “If it was actually a marketing hack, low move even by Zomato’s desperate standards. I actually defended that CTC in front of my colleagues; I know this is being thrown on my face tomorrow at work.”

While the claim couldn’t be independently verified, the original poster defended their stance in the comments of the now-viral post with over 180K views.

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