Thursday, June 20, 2024

Youngest recipient of bionic arm

A five-year-old boy from Long Island, Jordan Marotta, who was born without a left hand, has become the youngest person to receive a top-of-the-line bionic arm. The bionic arm, which Jordan requested in ‘Iron Man’ red and gold, has earned him superhero status, according to The New York Post.

Jordan’s mother, Ashley Marotta, 38, expressed her excitement to The Post, recalling how her son joyfully raised his new hand while shouting “Taxi!” on the streets of Manhattan. Ashley and Jordan traveled from their home in Dix Hills to the Open Bionics office on Park Avenue, where Jordan was fitted with his new “hero” arm.

Normally, these advanced prosthetic arms are given to older children. However, Daniel Green, a certified prosthetist and orthotist at Open Bionics, explained that Jordan’s physical development and emotional maturity made him an ideal candidate, setting a new record.

The non-invasive prosthetic is designed to attach and detach seamlessly from Jordan’s left arm, which he and his family call “nubby.” The arm uses electrodes and sensors to detect muscle contractions, allowing for natural hand and finger movements. It operates on a rechargeable battery that lasts for 14 hours and takes about a month to produce.

Jordan is not the only child to receive one of these advanced prosthetic arms. Last year, 10-year-old Harry Jones from the UK was also fitted with an ‘Iron Man’-themed bionic arm.

Born without his right arm below the elbow, Harry had always dreamed of having a robotic arm, imagining the possibilities of participating in two-handed activities like biking and kart racing with his friends. His dream became a reality when he received the “Hero Arm,” a bionic arm crafted by Open Bionics.

This remarkable arm not only meets Harry’s unique needs but also mimics natural hand movements. Additionally, it features a “freeze mode,” enabling Harry to hold onto objects and achieve special milestones, such as pulling a Christmas cracker for the very first time.

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