Young scuba diver’s record-breaking feat

A 13-year-old girl from the United States is gaining attention for her exceptional talents. Surprising many, she showcased remarkable magic tricks while submerged underwater, setting a new record for the most tricks performed in three minutes. A video on the Guinness World Records Instagram featured her in scuba gear, executing captivating illusions. Avery Emerson Fisher surpassed the previous record with 38 tricks, outdoing the UK’s Martin Rees.

Guinness World Records highlighted Avery’s love for aquariums, leading her to take up scuba diving during the 2020 lockdown at the age of 10. After extensive training and earning 12 certificates, she accomplished over 30 ocean dives. Avery’s dedication culminated in her setting the record at the Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco, facing chilly temperatures and fish-filled surroundings.

Avery’s meticulous preparation involved months of training, obtaining a Scuba Magician qualification from Chef Anton, the creator of Scuba Magician. The record attempt took place in a tunnel aquarium, where judges and expert witnesses assessed her 38 successful illusions out of the planned 50.

Beyond her magical achievements, Avery is deeply passionate about marine conservation and environmental sustainability. Her performance aimed not only to break records but also to raise awareness and inspire others to explore scuba diving.

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