Sunday, May 26, 2024

Why does Delhi-NCR frequently experience earthquakes: Two tremors in 15 days

It’s becoming a regular occurrence for Delhi-NCR to experience seismic events, with two recent incidents within a 15-day span. On Sunday, a 3.1 magnitude earthquake rattled Faridabad in Haryana, and prior to that, a series of earthquakes, the most intense being a 6.2 magnitude quake in Nepal on October 3, sent strong tremors through the national capital.

Delhi has a unique position, experiencing tremors every three to four months and whenever the Himalayan region sees seismic activity. The National Centre for Seismology reported that the epicenter of the Faridabad earthquake was located 9 km to the east and 30 km southeast of Delhi.

As usual, the quake stirred panic in Delhi-NCR, with many residents describing significant shaking of furniture. Social media platforms were flooded with visuals of people hurriedly leaving residential buildings.

So, what makes Delhi-NCR prone to these tremors? The answer lies in the geographical location. India is situated in an area known for seismic activity, and with numerous micro earthquakes occurring daily, the accumulated energy is periodically released, as explained by OP Mishra, the director of the National Centre for Seismology under the Ministry of Earth Sciences.

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