The girl was sitting on the lap of her father her HERO, her  EVERYTHING. She was listening to the words coming out of her father’s mouth he was explaining a verse from the BIBLE  about “LOVE” . He said : ‘Love is precious’, ‘It does not envy’ ‘It does not boast ‘,It is not angered easily , ‘It only rejoices  in Truth, ‘Love is patient’ , ‘It is not proud ‘ , ‘It is not rude’,  ‘Love always protects’. The father paused and stared down  at his daughter, she was listening carefully with her blue eyes  wide open . She asked him : ’’daddy what kind of love do you  have with me ? He replied that the love for his daughter was  indescribable . It was an INFINITE love . 

 The girl grew up to a beauty. She was now a teenager . She spend happy and loving days with her father whom she  loved more than anything.   She was off to her starting day of high school section. After  few days on one evening when the school bell finally rang the  girl was so confused about only one thing she was waiting to  solve the confusion by asking her dad .She came into the  house searching for her father finally she saw her father at  the backyard watering the plants .She came in a rush and asked her father ’’ daddy a boy at my school came to me and  said that he likes me, I was confused at what he said… Is this  love daddy ?!… Her father frowned and stammered not  knowing what to say to his daughter. The father stood still as  a rock .The girl shaking her father’s hand asked him : ’’daddy  is everything okay ?’’ He then came into reality, he then said  to his daughter to wash her hands and to eat dinner. She  doubtfully went inside without saying a word to him. 

Days passed the girl began to come home late at  nights attending parties, club and other places with her new  Boyfriend. The father worried every day and night thinking  about his daughter ,he tried to warn her, but she didn’t  listen .One day the father lost control and shouted at his  daughter she began to shout at him back and the she left the  house taking her coat with her, her father called her but she  didn’t gave respond….with great temper she climbed on the  back of her Boyfriend’s bike and fled away. That night he was  asleep thinking about his daughter in the grave silence .The  phone bell rang breaking the silence which was situated at  the dining. The father rushed towards the phone and  answered ’’ HELLO ?! ’’ … after a few seconds he laid the  phone slowly as tears rolling down his cheeks he picked up his  car keys and drove to the hospital where his daughter was admitted due to a bike accident. He entered the hospital and  ran towards the receptionist , after knowing the room no. he went to the room. There she was lying on the bed with her head spun by a white cloth reflecting the shade of the blood .  The nurse came out of the room and said : ’’ Your daughter  needs AB- blood . The father without thinking anything was  ready to give his own blood , luckily his blood group was AB- .  The boy who rode the bike was in a critical stage. The father  wept while seeing his daughter… The daughter was in the  critical stage too. The doctor said that there must be a  sudden operation for his daughter and it would cost a lot . The  father was not wealthy even though he made some money for  his daughter’s life. 

 The operation was successfully done. The  daughter came back to life .She embraced her father when  she opened her eyes .She then began to go to school. Again on  one evening the school bell rang .She returned to her house  when she came near her house there was a crowd gathered on  the inside as well as on the outside . Her heart became  startled . There inside the house in the living room in a long  table lies her father inside a glass box. She stood there still  her eyes were dry ,her heart became empty, She didn’t know  what to do ? Many questions danced inside her brain HOW ? 

WHEN? WHY? The funeral was on the next day. After the  funeral she directly went to the hospital where she was  admitted and searched for the doctor who did the operation  to her. When she saw the doctor she asked about the death  of her father . The doctor surprisingly asked the girl : ’’didn’t  you know how your operation became successful ?’’ She  said :’’NO’’ . The doctor said that the operation cost too much  that the father couldn’t bear so he donated one of his kidneys  to the kidney bank and that’s how he got the money for her  daughter’s operation. The girl’s father died due to kidney  failure. She wiped the tear which came out of her eye and  walked slowly out of the hospital. She sat inside her car  without blinking her eyes she sat still thinking about the days  with her father regretting the past…..She whispered : 

 ’’ Ah.. This is what true love is !..  She rode the car to a floral shop and bought a bunch of  Lilies which was her father’s favorite. And then she went  straight to her dad’s funeral place .She placed the lilies on top  and said: ’’ You will be my HERO forever daddy .’’ 

 ’’And I Love You more than anything.’’ Suddenly the clouds became dark and began to rain she didn’t  run away , she stood there believing that the rain was her  father’s tears of joy from HEAVEN above.  

-Jenita Nesaraju 

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