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What you may do in order to stop the obnoxious WhatsApp calls from foreign numbers

Are you getting constant calls from unknown international numbers on WhatsApp? Don’t panic, here’s what you need to do.

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The recent calls on your WhatsApp account from unidentified international numbers may have perplexed you. These calls, which start with international area codes like +84, +62, +60, and others, are strange and either hang up as soon as you answer or have no sound at all.

You are not the only one who has wondered why you have been receiving these calls. We try to examine why you are receiving these calls below, along with some precautions you can take.

Why are these calls being made?

WhatsApp, which claims over two billion active monthly users, has frequently been the target of criminal actors’ cyberattacks. Users are frequently conned by con artists who pose as employers or lenders in order to lure them in. These calls, however, don’t seem to be intended to steal anyone’s data.

Based on the international codes, it appears that these calls originate from a number of nations, including Vietnam, Malaysia, Ethiopia, and Kenya. These calls’ intentions are yet unknown. Some WhatsApp users claim to receive these calls up to four times per day. New SIM card users received the greatest amount of these calls, according to a consistent pattern that was noticed.

How should you respond to such calls?
There is no need to fear, according to a statement from WhatsApp, which advises users to simply report and block such callers. Directly from the entry for the phone number in the call log, you can do this. In order to take the necessary action and block these numbers from the platform, WhatsApp also urges users to report suspicious numbers.

Although suspicious links and messages from these numbers have not yet been reported, it is vital to use cautious and avoid clicking on them because they might be intended to steal your personal information.

Along with this, the messaging service notifies users of WhatsApp’s privacy settings. If you are worried about privacy, you can choose to hide your personal information online, such as your profile photo, last location, online status, about, and status. This will lessen your online presence. Keeping your personal information hidden from anybody but your contacts can help protect your account from malicious users. For more details on these features, head here.

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“We use spam detection technology to identify accounts exhibiting unusual behaviour and take appropriate action to stop spam. Furthermore, we have developed certain India-processes that aid in preventing misuse on WhatsApp in India,” the messaging service adds.

In India, WhatsApp also has a grievance officer who may be contacted if a user has a problem they are unable to report through another channel.

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