Water and Wine

Water and Wine



      Bhavya Prabhakar

“Water And Wine”, a poetry book with a collection of 25 inspiring poems. The book written by Bhavya Prabhakar gives a peaceful and precise idea on the present world and her perspective of nature.

The book portrays the swirling connection of life in the form of seasons, birds, love and emotions. Each poem is filled with it’s gentleness and is diving to the depth of an ocean of inner meanings. Writing is never at ease and to pen our thoughts as poems is truly the magic of words.

Flipping across the pages, a slight curiosity arose in the reader as to why? The title of the poem Water and Wine was selected to be the title of the book too. The waves of curiosity paved the reader to travel along the same lines more than 10 times. Each time the reader goes through the poem the reader got deeper and varying ideas about the poem.

“Taking me to the adventures unknown Where wine and water become one soul, In the universe of my body”. These lines which strikes the mind is truly a different form of comparison to life. The depth of the words when connected to the rhythm of life becomes a reflection of reality. For the reader the poem Water and Wine becomes the soul of this mirabilis collection.

Another poem that blew the wind of creativity in the reader’s heart was ‘Book’ which is written in a very simple form with the image of each line floating into the reader’s eyes while the reader reads it. “You find me in a corner of a bed half open lying with a pen and paper” this line shows a common scene of a book with utmost beauty. The magical transfer of the common to most exciting view is an astonishing achievement of the poet.

Along the book the reader saw the winter separating the poems to the set of winter series. “ where my veins are blue not because of cold but because the soul is gloomy and pale” The lines from the poem A Fallacy-ll, which invokes the sense of uncertainty in life. The expression of the writer’s self is being exhibited in a surrealistic way.

After reading the poems, the waves of inspiration of the poet was hitting the reader with the memories of the famous writers Homer and Shakespeare. The names were not just mentioned through some lines but each poem had the quality of her admiration towards these writers.

“ Her barren thoughts are like her barren heart aching for the echo of her own feelings”. These lines from the poem “Ballad” carry the essence of sentimental by bringing out the misty-eye of the reader.

Water and Wine a beautiful book, creating another world of thoughts. The language used to describe the writer’s thoughts are so deep and like a vine. The reader had a great experience reading the poems. Poetry is always the art of life, every line will have a story behind it.


Book Review–    G Mahalekshmi Nair

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