Saturday, July 20, 2024

VMware and Nvidia are collaborating to create software tools for businesses that want to develop their own AI.

VMware, Nvidia Partner to Develop Software Tools for Companies That Want Their Own AI

VMware announced on Tuesday that it has collaborated with Nvidia to create a new set of software solutions geared at organisations who want to develop generative artificial intelligence in their own data centres rather than the cloud.

VMware, which is on the verge of being acquired by chipmaker Broadcom for $69 billion (roughly Rs. 5,73,000 crore), creates software that organisations use to run their privately owned data centres. For more than two decades, organisations have used VMware’s capabilities to divide computing capacity in central processor chips, which are the brains of traditional servers.

The business announced a new set of tools on Tuesday to help manage Nvidia chips, which dominate the market for AI systems that can read and write text in human-like ways. Companies such as Microsoft, for example, are developing cloud-based systems that can go through a whole business team’s emails and chats and generate a brief update on the team’s progress.

VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram told Reuters that corporations are interested in the technology for everything from helping software developers write code faster to preparing legal contracts faster. However, when the data is sensitive, some VMware clients choose to execute the work in their own data centres.

“Consider the following use case: I want it to read all of my legal contracts so that I can generate new contracts more quickly.” “Obviously, that will be extremely secretive — you don’t want that data leaking anywhere,” Raghuram explained.

The new tools will be ready next year, according to VMware. The company declined to reveal how much it will cost, only that it will be based on how many Nvidia chips the user uses the software to control.


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