Vande Bharat attracts youth and working class, influencing 20% of customer base and airline fare.

In the ongoing competition between road, rail, and air transportation modes in India, the Vande Bharat trains have emerged as a strong contender, challenging the dominance of both air and road travel. Launched in February 2019, with 33 more trains added to the fleet, these trains have gained significant popularity among people from various sections. Various zones of the Indian Railways have asserted that Vande Bharat is now the preferred choice for travelers, impacting both airfare and road travel. According to estimates from the Railways Ministry, routes such as Chennai-Bengaluru, Thiruvananathapuram-Kasargod, Mumbai-Pune, Jamnagar-Ahmedabad, and Delhi-Jaipur have seen a 20-30% reduction in airfares since the introduction of Vande Bharat, affecting 10-20% of the airline customer base. Notably, Vande Bharat is even preferred over road transportation, with travelers opting for the train over their own vehicles, thanks to the convenience and time savings it offers. The trend is particularly visible among the youth, who showcase their enthusiasm for Vande Bharat on social media, sharing selfies and videos. The data indicates that around 60% of Vande Bharat passengers are aged between 25 and 49, regardless of gender.

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