Sunday, July 21, 2024

Tragedy strikes Mumbai: 7 lives lost and 40 injured in devastating seven-storey Goregaon building fire

Tragedy struck when a fire erupted at the seven-story Jay Bhavani building near Azad Maidan in Goregaon West, Mumbai, resulting in at least seven fatalities and over 40 injuries.

Reports indicate that the fire ignited around 3 am within the building’s parking area, leading to the destruction of numerous cars and two-wheelers.

The injured were promptly transported to private hospitals in Goregaon, including the HBT Trauma Centre and Cooper Hospital. HBT Trauma Centre recorded seven casualties, with over 20 individuals undergoing treatment. At Cooper Hospital, one person lost their life, and 15 were injured, including two in critical condition.

Among the deceased, there was one male and five females, including two minors. Among the injured, 12 were male, and 28 were female, with one being a minor.

Rescue operations began immediately upon the arrival of officials, eventually bringing the fire completely under control. To combat the massive blaze, a fleet of eight fire engines, five jumbo water tankers, one turn-table ladder, and an ambulance was deployed.

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