Sunday, July 21, 2024

Top courses of 2023 survey

Coursera’s recent study highlights the most popular online courses in 2023, revealing that Data Science, Python, and Leadership Skills topped the list. Among the notable entry-level professional certificates, Google Data Analytics, Google Project Management, and Meta Front-End Developer emerged as the most sought-after courses this year. The study also showcased the overall most popular courses, with “Foundations: Data, Data, everywhere” by Google securing the top spot, followed by Leadership Skills from IIM Ahmedabad and Financial Markets by Yale University.

In the realm of technology courses, “Crash Course on Python” by Google claimed the lead, followed by courses covering User Experience Design, Programming with Python, and Web Development essentials. Guided projects such as Introduction to Microsoft Excel and Data Analysis using Microsoft Excel also garnered significant interest, while entry-level professional certificates like Google Data Analytics and Google Project Management proved to be widely popular among learners. The survey highlighted the diverse range of courses preferred by online learners, covering tech, business, finance, and more, with an average learner age of 29 years and 34% of learners being female.

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