There will be “women only” parks in Delhi where men are not permitted!

Delhi to have 'women-only' parks where men will not be allowed!, Delhi -  Times of India Travel

There will soon be several parks in Delhi that are just for women. The goal of this effort is to provide women with more cosy settings.

According to sources, location selection for these parks, which will also be known as women-only pink parks, has already started in all MCD wards. Aaley Mohammad Iqbal, the deputy mayor of Delhi, made the announcement and noted that it is intended to give women in the city a “more comfortable space” in addition to offering a number of other services.

He explained that the Chief Minister was intrigued by his suggestion, and that he later suggested that each ward have at least one park of this type during a meeting of the civic organization’s horticulture department.

For your knowledge, there are about 250 wards under the control of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD).
In addition, Mr. Iqbal revealed that a “pink park” was established on Mata Sundari Road as a pilot project, where ladies and children up to the age of 10 were welcome to visit.

To provide the ladies with a comfortable outdoor environment, a similar model would also be implemented in other wards. These “pink parks” will be furnished with CCTV cameras, restrooms, wall graffiti, and gym facilities.

Men not allowed: India's national capital to get 250 women-only 'pink parks'  - India News News

The Delhi Deputy Mayor also indicated that council members will choose one park in their own districts to transform into the aforementioned “pink parks.” Such areas are already being sought after by many council members. He continued by saying that everyone should be involved in the endeavour to provide better and safer spaces for women in public parks.

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