Sunday, July 21, 2024
Hall of Fame


A women’s strength is unpredictable. Situations may bend her or even break her.But she shall surely rise from the ashes. Long ago when everyone thought that she could never do it, She proved them wrong. Not just that she had excelled,also had conquered her defeat. This is the most inspiring and sturdy path of a simple girl, to her dreams and passions as a Paediatric Dental Surgeon, a model, an artist , a creative crafter and a fitness enthusiast .

Dr.Sinu Jayaprakash(Pedodontist,from Calicut) . She is the popular and most loved Doctor for her little patients. No more they are hesitant to visit their favourite doctor for their routine checkups and treatments. Hailing from a small town of Tirur in Kerala, her interest in extracurricular activities and arts were well formed right from very young age. Soon choosing a career was a question before her , either to chase her passion or go with the mostly followed journey, although it led to the choice of dentistry, college life was immensely helping Dr.Sinu to recognize several other hidden talents in her. Vinyaka Missions Dental College, Tamil Nadu, a place where her fond memories lie, it was during the college fest, that first any camera lens captured her true essence. It wasn’t late that soon she made her debut for the college short films with her colleagues. Dance and creativity were at her finger tips, no wonder she could be that perfect Dentist.

Talking about her strength. She conquered all adversities and odds that made it almost impossible for her. Obstacles were tackled by just limited resources. But with unlimited willingness and determination. Rightly having said by Hillary Clinton “Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world. And she barely understands her strength unless she gets her feet down.” Our society today is biased. Not all families can provide opportunities, but as the saying goes nothing is impossible as the word itself says I’m possible. Strong urge to succeed and dedication from heart to any work given can change your destiny.

This creative artist, you can find always busy working magic with her finger tips, today she is a busy model doing photo shoots and building her career in the ocean of modelling. She has worked with finest photographers of the Malayalam industry and working harder to make her impression in the field, taking up new projects with all zeal and chasing opportunities to make her dreams come true. Dr.Sinu believes in her destiny for today where she is,which has cost her so much and yet she has kept a smiling face and taken up challenges, for she trusts in words of Nikita Gill and recites “she is A woman and A War in herself and nothing can stop her.”