Sunday, July 21, 2024
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The new Malayalam movie on the streaming platform is called “Theeppori Benny.” In Malayalam cinema, where stories often have clever humor and satire, this movie stands out. It’s a funny take on politics that makes you laugh and think. Directed by Raajesh Mohan and Joji Thomas, the film is about Benny, played by Arjun Ashokan. He’s a young guy dealing with family, politics, and his own dreams. The movie has a vibe similar to “Vellimoonga” but tells the story of a character who, despite seeming selfish, reflects the challenges of today’s society.


Arjun Ashokan does a great job portraying Benny, a guy who unexpectedly becomes famous. The story follows Benny’s journey from a job seeker to a public figure, all while dealing with family issues, especially with his father, Chettayi, played by Jagadeesh. The movie uses humor to talk about society and family expectations. Benny’s character makes us think about what individuals should do in a family. The relationship between Benny and his father challenges traditional ideas of fatherhood. While the movie is funny, it also talks about serious things. The portrayal of political parties, although needed for the story, is a bit cringy, showing a funny view of politics.


One great thing about the film is that it keeps you entertained all the time. It has witty humor and clever lines that make it enjoyable. The direction by Raajesh Mohan and Joji Thomas is excellent, making the timing of jokes perfect. Actor TG Ravi’s character adds humor and irritation, making fun of societal expectations for big weddings. The movie is not just funny; it also has great music by Sreerag Sajeesh. The only drawback is that it could be a bit shorter. In short, “Theeppori Benny” is a great entertainer. It makes you laugh and also makes you think about family and society. – WILLIAMSJI MAVELI

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