The introduction of 5G services by Vodafone Idea in India may occur in June.

According to a senior official from the Department of Telecommunication (DoT), the company is likely to secure funding by June and will also launch its 5G network in the same month.

The third-largest Indian telecom carrier, Vodafone Idea (Vi), is reportedly getting ready to roll out its 5G network. According to The New Indian Express, the telecom company is in the last stages of negotiations with banks to acquire funds.

Senior Department of Telecommunication (DoT) officials claim that the business will likely receive finance by June and start its 5G network in the same month. Additionally, it is claimed that the business has already paid the third quarter’s licencing cost and even made a partial payment towards the fourth. Additionally, the representative claimed that Vi’s entry into the 5G market will avoid a duopoly, which  is good for consumers.

According to a different report, the Finnish corporation Nokia, which currently supplies Airtel and Jio with 5G networking gear, is in discussions to do the same with Vi.
In all of the nation’s main cities, 5G networks are currently available from Jio and Airtel. Airtel chose non-standalone 5G technology (NSA), whereas Jio is offering standalone 5G technology (SA). It is not yet known if Vodafone Idea will choose 5G technology supported by the SA or the NSA.

Even though SA has a distinct competitive edge over NSA 5G technology and provides faster download and upload speeds along with lower latency, NSA is simpler to implement and can employ 4G networking infrastructure already in place, which lowers the deployment cost when compared to SA.

Article courtesy @ indainexpress

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