Sunday, May 26, 2024

TCS takes action in response to recruitment scam: Terminates 16 employees, bars 6 vendors

TCS, India’s largest IT services company, made an announcement on Sunday regarding its response to a “recruitment scam.” As a result of their investigation, it was revealed that 19 individuals, including employees and vendors, were involved in the incident. Subsequently, TCS took action, terminating 16 employees for violations of the company’s code of conduct, and three employees were removed from their roles in resource management.

In addition to the employee actions, TCS also debarred six vendors, along with their owners and affiliates, from engaging in any business with the company. This decisive response comes after reports of a recruitment scam emerged in late June, with allegations that certain vendors, while performing specific functions, engaged in malpractices in collusion with TCS staff.

The recruitment scam presented one of the initial challenges faced by K Krithivasan, who had recently assumed the role of the company’s chief executive. TCS clarified that the issue primarily revolved around violations of the company’s code of conduct by certain employees and vendors supplying contractors.

The company expressed its commitment to enhancing governance measures, including the regular rotation of personnel in the resource management function and bolstering analytics related to supplier management. TCS emphasized the importance of all stakeholders and employees adhering to the Tata code of conduct, stressing its zero-tolerance policy toward unethical conduct.

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