Suzanne Collins, the American Writer

Suzanne Collins was born in Hartford, Connecticut, on August 10, 1962, to Jane Brady Collins (born 1931) and Lieutenant Colonel Michael John Collins (1931-2003), a United States Air Force officer who served in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. She is the youngest of four children, the others being Kathryn (born 1957), Andrew (born 1958), and Joan (born 1960). (born 1960). She and her family were constantly on the move as the daughter of a military officer. She grew up in the east coast of the United States. In 1991, Suzanne Collins started off writing for children’s television programmes.  She contributed to a number of Nickelodeon programmes, including Little Bear, Oswald, Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, Clarissa Explains It All, and The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo.  The children’s book Little Bear, which is occasionally thought to be her own work, was not written by her. She was also Clifford’s Puppy Days’ lead author for Scholastic Entertainment. She was nominated by the Writers Guild of America for her co-writing of the famous Christmas special Santa, Baby! [9] Collins was motivated to create children’s books after getting to know James Proimos, a children’s author, while they were both working on the Generation O! episode for the Kids’ WB.


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