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“There is this song…. A tune in the Head… Words of meaning but unable to take shape There is this doubt, But a will to do something about it…”


Rightly said by this Gully boy of Delhi, his strong determination and hard work frames his success structural DNA. Jickson V George, A self taught musician, who has excelled with his zeal and vigor to break down the barriers and stigma of ignorance to choosing music as a career pathway. Hailing from Delhi, with flavorful south Indian roots, Jickson was always passionate about music but choosing as a career was one tough and perhaps the only turning point. Although path was hard and slow paced, success did come adding golden feathers, and the results are visible upto this day. Apart from family, church has played a strong role in supporting and building up his initial phases, and gave him constant motivation. After having graduated from the Delhi University, Jickson started up his small scale music passion much more seriously, eventually forming his music band TANTRA, where he was the lead guitarist. The band had a major breakthrough when they competed with other bands for the Bryan Adams concert (2012). Taking classes at home for newbies and kids, led him to join at Billabong High International School, Delhi as a music teacher. To cope with today’s pace, the next destination for him was SAM  – Swarnabhoomi Academy Of Music, Chennai. The outcome of having done Music Production & Recording Technology led him to start his co-founded venture – The Oviya Studios.

What more to say today he is a successful music producer, teacher, lead guitarist, song writer, founder and CEO of Band Association of Delhi. According to Jickson, The human mind is an extravagant plethora of ideas, concepts, thoughts, imaginations, worries, concerns, tensions etc. And since its ability to ponder over something is so huge it gets distracted from the original thought and lands in a state where things stop working efficiently. In many cases the individuals stop to chase their dream and get drifted. This is when he indulges into solo traveling to get open the blocked senses to rejuvenate and feel connected again.


“There is this song…. A tune in the Head… Words of meaning but unable to take shape There is this doubt, But a will to do something about it…” PROFILE CHECK Jickson V George, a Professional Certified Audio Engineer and Music Producer at Oviya Studios, New Delhi, India. Plays Guitars and leads in a band called Tantra, (founded in 2009.) Music Teacher and imparts education and training in the field of Audio Engineering and Music Production. Founder and Managing Director of BAD – Bands Association of Delhi, India. Artist Management & Event Management Operation in India & Abroad. Providing 6 month Audio Engineering Courses, new batch to commence from July – August. Latest projects for Kashmiri Folk Productions and Classical Music & Dance Drama Music Production and many other individual and band recordings. Know more or join classes  and to get regular updates ,visit

Jickson and the Tantra (Music Band )performing

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