Thursday, June 20, 2024

Solitude is Fine

Solitude is not about being lonely or running away from the world into a cave in the mountains, rather solitude is an exercise of rturing your state of mind to achieve internal freedom. Unless you learn to trust your body and mind, and pursue self-reliance, you will remain an ndecisive person who the society tries to enslave. Capacity to spend time alone marks you as an emotional mature person who can be relied on to make the correct decisions at the correct time because, solitude allows you to reboot your brain and unwind, improves your concentration and increases your productivity, and provides you with the opportunity to discover yourself. You live in a society that is high on the notion of independence yet deeply fears alienation, because the very idea of solitude or alone time may evoke deep childhood fears of abandonment and neglect, which intern push some of you towards connectedness. Another reason of avoiding yourself is the anxiety you feel on the thought that you will witness yourself as forlorn and flawed who is missing out on life’s goodies.There is a thought process in society that attaches negative connotation with solitude;the reason is mixing the meaning of the words solitude or aloneness and loneliness. While solitude or aloneness is a wonderful example of self-commitment, that you can renew periodically or regularly, on the other hand loneliness is marked by a sense of isolation. Once you trap yourself in loneliness; which is not a state of being but, a mindset, you change the way you look at the world, yourself, and even the alone time, your thought process starts to veer towards the negative side. And you know how difficult it is to get out of the negative thinking loop. With the negativity surrounding you it becomes imperative that you embrace solitude, which is simple but not easy to attain. The truth is that neither you need devices of distraction nor be in the company of others in order to feel fulfilled and happy. In fact, in solitude you like your own company.

Sometimes its good to enjoy being with Yourself

Meaningful alone should be given great importance, as being in your own company gives you the chance to understand your priorities in life. For instance, you might think that nurturing your creative pastime or your family is more important than your day job. If so, would it make sense to take the plunge and freelance, instead of continuing with your nine to five jobs? On the other hand, if the problem is your relationship with others, solitude help, by spending time with yourself and gaining a better understanding of who you are and what you desire, you are more likely to make better choices about who you want to be around. In solitude, being alone helps you to think deeper about the challenges in your life. And when you are emotionally and mentally prepared, you love the empowering feeling to figure things out for yourself. Alone time reminds you how important it is to find sources of enrichment beyond work and socializing. Learning to enjoy time spent in solitude helps provide a sense of equilibrium in your life. Not to mention, it reveals to you the true value of company with others. You can’t miss something if you are always surrounded by it. Solitude can cure what ails you. Solitude is a tool which assists you to transform yourself, because spending time alone helps you see yourself clearly, repent your mistakes and usher in the change. And this transformation requires a change in mental attitude, which makes solitude indispensable. One of the greatest advantages of solitude is the freedom to do what you desire. You may be wondering what you can do while pursuing solitude? Disconnect, set aside some time each day to unplug from all the ways you connect with others. Another way is to get up early an hour before everyone else in your house and use that time to create, produce , solve problem or do whatever that makes you happy. Close your door for some time, and don’t let anyone disturb you for that time period. It sounds very simple but can be very effective. You can use your lunch time more effectively by taking your lunch alone once in a while. You can schedule solitude time, take walk alone, sit in the sun. Solitude isn’t a lonely pursuit at all, in fact alone time reduces your stress in healthy, enjoyable way. It strengthens your relationship and helps you to be the best at all the things you do. Solitude can be beneficial only, if you participate in it voluntary, if you can regulate your emotions effectively, if you join a social group when you desire and if you can maintain positive relationships. You can truly practise solitude when there is a sincere desire from your side to see a new and improved you in the next five to ten years. Spend more time alone, working, reading, evolving, becoming a tougher you who faces fear alone. You don’t need to be seen, because growing your social circle should not be your goal, as it is a vain desire that places value in your life on the opinions of others. Instead, make your social circle smaller consisting of people who make you better.
Alonetime allows you to check your perspective, and to practice introspection so that you may clarify your ideas and thoughts. When you are in alone time, you are away from peer pressure, you are free from job pressure, and you are liberated from social obligations, you can use that time to experience some of the quite that is missing so often from your daily life. Alone time is one of the defining traits of many successful people – whether they might be great thinkers, scientists and leaders, because they can distinguish themselves from the herd of common people. You can also follow their lead and inculcate solitude to enrich and motivate your life.

At least once in your life travel solo to a new destination

Gaurav Goswami