Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

■   Primer

■ Concealer

■ Tape (Scotch tape)

■ Pink/Cranberry eyeshadow

■ Black eyeliner

■ Rose gold eyeshadow

■ Mascara

■ A fluffy brush

■ A flat brush

■ An angled brush

I love this look because it is incredibly soft and can be worn for almost any occasion. It is even appropriate for office wear! Now you can look and feel fabulous!

How to Apply Pink Smokey Eye Makeup?

Step 1: No shocker here, but begin with a clean base. Follow the natural shape of

your lower lash line to place a piece of tape strategically, the main role of this piece

of tape here is ensure that your eyeshadow is in place and you get both your eyes

to look the same, I mean wouldn’t it be funny that your one eye is angled well and

the other looks a like it was slept on? So, to completely cancel out any scope for

errors let’s use our trusty friend scotch tape!

Step 2: Now, use a metallic pink—a cranberry shade, if you will—to wash over

the eyelids using your flat brush, this brush gives you control and sweeps your whole eye lid with this cranberry shade. Now using an angled brush, take whatever is left over on the brush lightly under your eyes as well.

Step 3: Apply some black liner close to the upper lash line and thicken it as

you move towards the outer corner. This gives the illusion of a bigger eye, if you have poor eyeliner skills, don’t worry for you can use the scotch tape as a guide line.

Step 4: Smudge it out well and blend it into the pink eyeshadow, in simpler

words buff out the eyeshadow till is an iridescent brown. Run some of the

eyeliner along the lower lash line as well.

Step 5: Now for the last few final touches, Remove the tape and use a fluffy brush

to soften out the harsh line.

Step 6: You’re almost done here, to finish off apply a rose gold shimmery

eyeshadow in the middle of the eyelids, to give it some dimension and make it pop.

Step 7: For the complete dramatic effect apply copious amount of mascara, but

remember to use a clean wand so that there a no lumps and you have clean fuller looking lashes!

And now you are good to go!

– Nahala Ali

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