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Singapore Airlines flight hit by extreme turbulence

Singapore Airlines Flight Hit by Extreme Turbulence: 1 Dead, Multiple Injured

Turbulence In London-Singapore Flight: Video Shows Flight Attendant Thrown  To Ceiling Of Plane; 1 Dead, Several Injured

Singapore/Bangkok — A Singapore Airlines flight from London to Singapore encountered “sudden extreme turbulence” over the Irrawaddy Basin at 37,000 feet, resulting in the death of a 73-year-old British man and injuries to over two dozen passengers. Among the 229 people aboard, there were at least three Indian nationals, according to the airline.

British grandfather dies after 'severe' turbulence hits London to Singapore  flight

The incident occurred about 10 hours into the flight, causing the Boeing 777-300ER to descend 6,000 feet in three minutes. The pilot declared a medical emergency and diverted to Bangkok, where the plane landed on May 21.

Singapore Airlines passenger dead after Boeing jet hits 'severe turbulence'  | Fox Business

Singapore Airlines confirmed that 18 individuals were hospitalized, with another 12 receiving treatment in hospitals. The remaining passengers and crew were examined and treated as necessary at Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

1 Dead, 30 Injured In 'Severe Turbulence' On Singapore Airlines Flight

The nationalities of the 211 passengers included 56 Australians, 2 Canadians, 1 German, 3 Indians, 2 Indonesians, 1 Icelander, 4 Irish, 1 Israeli, 16 Malaysians, 2 Myanmar nationals, 23 New Zealanders, 5 Filipinos, 41 Singaporeans, 1 South Korean, 2 Spaniards, 47 from the UK, and 4 Americans. Details of the injured passengers and crew have not been released.

Map showing flight's intended route and the diversion it took

Singapore Airlines expressed condolences to the deceased’s family and apologized for the traumatic experience. A team from the airline is en route to Bangkok to assist further, and the carrier is cooperating with local authorities on the investigation.

Singapore’s Prime Minister Lawrence Wong and Boeing also extended their condolences and support.

For information, relatives can contact Singapore Airlines hotlines: +65 6542 3311 (Singapore), 1800-845-313 (Australia), and 080-0066-8194 (UK).

Light and moderate turbulence can cause discomfort, but severe turbulence, as experienced in this incident, can result in serious injuries and fatalities.

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