Thursday, June 20, 2024

‘Rizz’ named Oxford 2023 word of year

Oxford University Press named “Rizz” as the 2023 Word of the Year, defining it as a colloquial term representing style, charm, or attractiveness, including the ability to attract a romantic or sexual partner. Selected through an online vote from a shortlist of four words, “Rizz” stood out for its etymology, believed to be a shortened form of “charisma.” The term gained mainstream recognition after actor Tom Holland referenced his “rizz” in an interview.

This marks the second year of public involvement in choosing Oxford’s Word of the Year, emphasizing the societal impact of Gen Z and how younger generations shape language online and offline. “Rizz” prevailed over “beige flag,” a term indicating a partner’s boring character. The other finalists included “Swiftie,” “prompt,” and “situationship.” OUP highlighted how “Rizz” has surged on social media, illustrating the internet’s role in rapidly propelling fringe language into mainstream usage.

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