Thursday, June 20, 2024

Reddit gives OpenAI access to posts

OpenAI and Reddit announced a collaboration on Thursday, revealing plans for OpenAI to utilize Reddit data to enhance its artificial intelligence models. Reddit, having recently made its debut on the New York Stock Exchange, aims to leverage the insights garnered from its diverse discussion groups to bolster its revenue streams.

While the financial specifics of the partnership between the San Francisco-based tech giants remain undisclosed, it’s known that Reddit primarily generates revenue through advertising.

“Including Reddit in ChatGPT reinforces our commitment to an interconnected internet, facilitating access to authentic, relevant, and continuously updated human conversations on a wide array of topics,” stated Reddit CEO Steve Huffman in a joint release. “This integration aligns with our mission to assist users in discovering more of what they seek and enables newcomers to discover Reddit communities.”

The companies announced that OpenAI will have access to real-time Reddit data to enrich content in ChatGPT and to empower tools on the social media platform.

In December, Reddit experienced a significant outage amid community protests against new fees imposed to grant developers access to the platform. This controversy emerged amidst the ongoing artificial intelligence advancements, with Huffman expressing reluctance to offer free access to companies developing AI chatbots like ChatGPT in order to refine their large-language models.

“Reddit must operate as a self-sustaining business, and to achieve this, we can no longer subsidize commercial entities requiring extensive data usage,” Huffman stated in a Reddit post during that period.

Reddit operates through thousands of “subreddits,” which are forums covering a vast range of topics moderated by their creators.

The largest subreddits boast tens of millions of subscribers, such as r/funny, r/games, and r/music.

Several practices on Reddit have become social media norms, including AMAs (Ask Me Anything sessions), where users can pose questions to an interviewee within a designated timeframe.

In the release, OpenAI highlighted that CEO Sam Altman holds shares in Reddit.

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