Saturday, July 20, 2024

Printing manufacturing date and unit price mandatory

Effective from January 1, the mandatory information on packaged commodities has been expanded to include the “date of manufacturing” and “unit sale price.” Previously, companies had the flexibility to print either the ‘date of manufacturing,’ ‘date of import,’ or ‘date of packaging’ on packaged goods. However, the recent notification from the Consumer Affairs Ministry now requires companies to print only the ‘date of manufacturing’ alongside the ‘unit sale price.’

Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh emphasized the significance of consumers being informed about the ‘unit sale price,’ especially considering the varied quantities in which packaged items are sold. Additionally, printing the date of manufacturing allows consumers to gauge the freshness of the product, aiding them in making more informed purchasing decisions. This move is designed to enhance transparency and empower consumers to better understand the products they buy.

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