Thursday, June 20, 2024

NIA raids target Jihadi network

On Monday, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) conducted searches at 19 locations in South India, targeting a highly-radicalized jihadi terror group primarily active in the digital space. The ongoing raids are happening in Karnataka (11 locations), Maharashtra (three locations), Jharkhand (four areas), and Delhi (one location), in collaboration with state police forces. The terror group aimed to target multiple locations across India and was involved in anti-India activities. The NIA seized digital devices containing significant volumes of incriminating data and documents during the searches.

Earlier on December 6, the NIA had conducted operations in Jammu and Kashmir related to a terror conspiracy by offshoots of banned Pakistan-backed terrorist organizations. This recent crackdown follows the NIA’s raids at over 40 locations in Karnataka and Maharashtra, leading to the arrest of 13 individuals from Pune in connection to an ISIS terror conspiracy case. The investigation revealed the recruitment of like-minded youth by terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda and ISIS, conducting religious classes to promote violent jihad with the aim of establishing Islamic rule in India.

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