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An ideal novel is an invented prose narrative of significant length and complexity that deals imaginatively with human experience. Its roots can be traced back thousands of years, though its origins in English literature and language. There are some moments in history that continue to pull people in. When you set out to chronicle the imagined inner lives of real people—or the imaginary people of real times and places—it’s an attempt to see through the veil of time. Historical fiction is a genre of writing that seeks to do this by creating imagined stories or characters within real historical contexts.

Author Adriana Girolami, currently based in Florida, US, creates intricate characters with both her brush and words. Her historical romance series, “The Templar Trilogy,” consists of “Mysterious Templar,” “The Crimson Amulet,” and “Templar’s Redemption.” Her latest acclaimed novel, “The Zamindar’s Bride,” reflects her passion for diverse cultures, world travel, and the enduring themes of love and romance. Adriana attributes her love for art and history to her birthplace, Rome, and her parents who encouraged her early reading habits. Throughout her travels with her husband, she remained active, engaging in physical fitness, Martial Arts, jogging, racquetball, and achieving a black belt in Kenpo Karate. Always optimistic, Adriana looks forward to a bright future and writing her next exciting novel.

The plot of “Mysterious Templar” revolves around the European court of the Duke of Nemours in 1480. Dark forces and violence disrupt the court, and the only hope lies with the Duke’s daughter, Polyxena. She is a sought-after beauty, but her arranged marriage is thwarted by a Templar. Polyxena becomes a prisoner of an evil tyrant, and her fate rests in the hands of a mysterious knight with a red mask and a Knight Templar cross on his chest. The novel explores whether Polyxena can attain freedom and true love, and if the identity of the Mysterious Templar is revealed. Discover the answers in the first book of the Templar Trilogy, “Mysterious Templar.” Adriana Girolami, originally from Italy, is not only an accomplished portrait artist but also an award-winning historical fiction writer. Her family moved to the United States after her father’s death, and she pursued her artistic interests at the Art Students League in New York City. She not only writes captivating stories but also illustrates the covers of her books – WILLIAMSJI MAVELI.

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