Sunday, July 21, 2024

Myntra’s style prediction powered by Azure

Myntra, the online fashion retailer, has shared additional details about its partnership with Microsoft, which facilitated the integration of generative AI into its shopping app to revolutionize the way Indians shop for clothing. The innovative feature, named MyFashionGPT, enables users to employ natural language for searches, a departure from conventional keyword-based searches, offering new avenues for product exploration.

MyFashionGPT, powered by Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service, can comprehend open-ended queries like “show me clothes for a beach vacation” and provide relevant suggestions across categories such as beachwear, hats, and sunglasses. This approach liberates users from the constraints of traditional searches reliant on predefined keywords in a product catalog.

Myntra conducted a hackathon in February to address the challenge of enhancing online fashion search using generative AI. ChatGPT’s technology emerged as the preferred solution, and the Azure OpenAI Service facilitated seamless integration into Myntra’s existing infrastructure. The platform’s successful deployment coincided with the End of Reason Sale in May.

According to Myntra, MyFashionGPT has already transformed how users search and shop on the platform. The AI assistant interprets the intent behind vague search strings, broadening queries and creating new opportunities for product discovery. The platform reports that shoppers using the AI assistant are three times more likely to make a purchase, with a 16% average increase in categories per order.

Encouraged by this success, Myntra is actively developing new generative AI features, including the ability to preview complete outfits and plans to incorporate voice search and personalization in the future. MyFashionGPT is widely accessible on the app, allowing users to input highly specific requirements using natural speech, generating relevant lists of clothing items. Users can submit outfit queries based on occasions, travel locations, popular events like the IPL, or even celebrity looks from popular movies.

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