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Mudhol, the author’s upcoming gangster drama, has been announced. See the teaser title

By the entertainment desk at India Today: The next film starring Vikram Ravichandran has received an official notification. Its name is Mudhol. On April 27, 2023, the official title teaser announcement was released on Twitter. The 30-day filming has now been completed by the actor and the Mudhol crew. Karthik Rajan is the director of the movie.

According to reports, Vikram Ravichandran plays a thug in the movie. He is pictured gnawing a bone in the new image while clutching a machete. In contrast, it also shows a dog with a knife in his mouth.

Indie breed Mudhol Hound not an ideal police dog, find trials | India News - Times of India

The title teaser announcement was posted on Taran Adarsh’s Twitter account. VIKRAM RAVICHANDRAN: ‘MUDHOL’ TITLE ANNOUNCEMENT TEASER IS HERE, he wrote. The upcoming Kannada movie starring Vikram Ravichandran and directed by Karthik Rajan is titled Mudhol. Raksha Vijaykumar and Silju Kannan create mudhol. (sic).”

Karthik Rajan discussed Mudhol in a formal statement. He stated, “There is a region in Karnataka called Mudhol and a canine breed therein known as the Mudhol Hound. In our movie, the dog has a significant part to perform. When Vikram told his father, Ravichandran, about this incident, he thought the term Mudhol would be appropriate for the movie and the narrative.

Raksha Vijaykumar and Silju Kannan create mudhol.

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