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“Minister Veena George launches ‘No Tobacco Clinics’ to combat smoking addiction and promote a healthier future”

The theme for World Anti-Tobacco Day, which falls on May 31, is “Food, not Tobacco.”

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Thiruvananthapuram :Health Minister Veena George has recently announced the implementation of ‘No Tobacco Clinics’ within various health institutions, including public health centers, as part of the government’s efforts to strengthen anti-tobacco activities. These clinics aim to provide counseling and specialized treatments to help individuals quit tobacco usage effectively. Additionally, Minister George emphasized the Health Department’s commitment to transforming all educational institutions into tobacco-free campuses, with active participation in related initiatives. This announcement was made in her World No Tobacco Day message.

Since 1988, the World Health Organization has observed May 31 as World No Tobacco Day, emphasizing public intervention and raising awareness about the devastating impacts of tobacco use, which claims the lives of approximately 8 million people annually and causes numerous fatal diseases worldwide. The central message for this year’s campaign is ‘food not tobacco,’ advocating for prioritizing food production and availability over the cultivation and accessibility of tobacco.

The State Health Department of Kerala has been actively devising and implementing various activities and schemes to combat tobacco use and raise awareness about its detrimental effects. The state has set an exemplary precedent in India by effectively controlling smoking in public places and prohibiting the sale of tobacco within the designated perimeters of educational institutions.

Kerala has made remarkable strides in tobacco control by banning the sale and usage of e-cigarettes, as well as products like Panparak and Gudka, which contain tobacco. As a result of these coordinated efforts, according to the Global Adult Tobacco Survey-2 conducted by the World Health Organization, the prevalence of tobacco use in Kerala has significantly declined from 21.4 percent to 12.7 percent, underscoring the positive impact of these comprehensive measures.

Press Release 30-05-2023 Office of the Minister of Health

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