Saturday, July 20, 2024

“Minister Veena George Highlights the Role of Ayush Yoga Clubs in Preventing Lifestyle Diseases”

Minister Veena George has emphasized the role of Ayush yoga clubs in the prevention of lifestyle diseases. She pointed out that many individuals tend to neglect their health until they are afflicted by such diseases. Speaking at the state-level inauguration of the International Yoga Day and the Ayush Yoga Club at the Central Stadium, the Minister highlighted the significance of integrating yoga into our daily lives and the pride that comes with the global recognition and adoption of yoga.

To promote yoga in Kerala, the state health department and the AYUSH department have implemented various programs to raise awareness about the importance of yoga practice for every individual and family. As part of these efforts, Ayush yoga clubs have been established throughout the state. These clubs, with a total of 1000 locations in corporations, municipalities, and gram panchayats, provide a platform for at least 20 people to practice yoga and effectively prevent lifestyle diseases. Additionally, 590 women’s yoga clubs have been initiated to prioritize women’s healthcare.

Ayush Gramam is also launching a scheme to promote the Ayurvedic lifestyle on a block basis. The Sampurna Yoga Village project will be implemented in the Perungadavila block panchayat of Thiruvananthapuram district and the Koothuparamba block panchayat of Kannur district.

Despite Kerala being a model for the country in terms of health, lifestyle diseases remain a challenge. In anticipation of this, the state has introduced the Ardram Jiva style screening, which has already screened 1.41 crore individuals above the age of 30. Minister Veena George emphasized that this screening program serves as a model for the entire country.

Notable participants in the event included Dr. K.S. Priya, the Director of ISM; Vijayambika, the Director of Homeopathy; Dr. TD Sreekumar, the Director of Ayurvedic Medical Education; Dr. Sheela, the Homeopathic Medical Education PCO; and Dr. Jayanarayan and Dr. Saji, the State Program Managers of the National Ayush Mission.

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