Sunday, May 26, 2024

Mental health Q & A

Q:I want to persue a course which my parents are not permitting as they want me to be a Doctor. This is very stressful as I am denied from all my fun stuff just bcz I can’t satisfy my parents wish. How can I overcome this?

A: This is one question frequently asked by my young clients. This is an authoritarian parenting scenario wherein the children are denied the right to choose. Many a time the child go into grief and depression. They engulf into only one single thought .. how to Escape ?. This can lead to wrong decisions, personality disorders, physical and mental illnesses and in worst cases to suicides. Therapists help the child in such cases, see their blind spots and erroneous thinking of Escapism . Instead will empower them to boldly face the situation by erasing the negative thoughts and affirming with needed positivity. They will be taught how to deal with negative people in life and how to move on in life with right decision making. Relaxation techniques like mindfulness, heartfulness, meditation etc will help the children in moulding their future. Parents cannot be rejected at any negative situations, but can be educated and convinced for the brighter future of their children.






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