Thursday, June 20, 2024

Meet the “young librarians”


A 9-year-old girl, started a library for children who want to learn to read. Muskan Arihar recognised the importance and necessity for literacy and education for all at a young age and took initiative to start the library on her own in Bhopal, India.The library is called Bal Pustakalaya, which translates to “Children’s Library” capturing the heart of the mission – a library run by and for children.

After school each day, Muskan opens up her library, which is set up outside her home.Children from nearby slums come to hear her read aloud each day. She reads from some of the 119 books. Her library collection is growing thanks to the addition of 50 books donated by Room to Read.

As of now 20-25 children attend reading sessions at her library after school. Sometimes it’s not easy to keep their attention, but she is determined to bring learning and education to those nearby. “They do make noise but they don’t fight. I tell them to read and promise them that I’ll make them play later,” she said.

Bal Pustakalaya is officially recognized by the State Education Board as a library, with a plaque which reads:

“Run in association with the State Education Board. Friendship with books leads to friendship with the world. Come friends, let’s read, let’s get to know the world.” This little girl has set the right example for young kids to follow since2016.