Sunday, July 21, 2024

Martin Garrix shares picture with Arijit Singh, hints at potential collaboration

Dutch DJ Martin Garrix on Wednesday took to his Instagram and shared a picture of himself with India’s superstar singer Arijit Singh.

In the picture, Arijit can be seen pointing to Martin as the former holds a pen and a mobile phone in his hands with a notebook kept on his lap. Martin can be seen holding an acoustic guitar in the picture.

Martin wrote in the caption, “Incredible week thank you @arijitsingh”.

Looking at the the pen and the notebook with Arijit and the guitar with Martin, the netizens were quick to jump to the conclusion pointing to the potential collaboration between the two artistes.

One user commented, “We got Arijit Singh x Martin Garrix before GTA 6.”

Another wrote, “One of the best and most unexpected collab i have ever seen.”

A third commented, “I wasn’t ready for this. LETS GOOOOOOOO.”

One user also wrote, “2024 is wild, and Indians and India are not for beginners.”

Another user added a gif with goosebumps.

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