Thursday, June 20, 2024

Leo first review: Vijay’s film delivers an ‘Intensely Violent’ experience, not for the faint-hearted

Thalapathy Vijay’s Leo has generated significant anticipation among fans. However, the film’s UK distributor, Ahimsa Entertainment, has revealed that Leo is ‘intensely raw and violent.’ The distributor recently announced on its X account that a 15+ version of Leo will be released in the UK with ‘subtle changes.’ While praising Vijay’s performance, they emphasized the presence of violent and ‘gory scenes’ in the movie, making it unsuitable for the ‘faint-hearted.’

Ahimsa Entertainment stated, ‘LEO is intense, featuring strong violence and graphic gory scenes that exceeded our expectations. As a result, the film received an 18+ rating from the BBFC, restricting it to viewers aged 18 and older, which unfortunately excludes students between 15 and 17.’

Continuing, they mentioned, ‘Following discussions with the BBFC, we’ve created a ’15’ rated version of LEO with minimal, imperceptible adjustments, such as softening ultra-close-up shots of certain violent and gory scenes. Working closely with the film’s producers, we ensured that these updates were made precisely, without affecting the film’s core, its flow, standout moments, or Thalapathy’s beloved mass appeal.'”

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