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KERALEEYAM, a week-long celebration of Kerala’s achievements and rich cultural heritage, is in full swing. Organized by the Kerala Lalithakala Akademi, this event encompasses a diverse range of activities, including a comprehensive art exhibition, a contemporary painters’ camp, and a lively caricature event held at the grand Kanakakunnu Palace. The Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy, founded in 1962, is an autonomous cultural institution dedicated to promoting and preserving Kerala’s fine arts. Based in Thrissur, the academy is known for publishing books that showcase Indian art, encompassing folk art paintings, Hindu statues, Indian jewelry, and saris. It also provides a platform for artists by accepting paintings for exhibition in its annual shows.
The Akademi boasts spacious galleries and an auditorium equipped with modern amenities, making it an ideal venue for a wide range of art forms. From traditional paintings and sculptures to contemporary media art, including videos and installations, the Akademi’s spaces are versatile and available for rent to artists, art societies, and cultural groups looking to host various art events and exhibitions. In addition to its headquarters, the Akademi operates art galleries across Kerala, ensuring widespread access to art. These galleries are situated in various locations, including Thiruvananthapuram, Kottayam, Alappuzha, Kozhikode, Palakkad, Malappuram, Kannur, Wayanad, and Kasaragod. Plans are in place to open more galleries in different parts of the state in the near future, further expanding the network.
One of the highlights of Keraleeyam is the live caricature event, which runs for five days. It kicked off on Thursday, featuring two talented artists daily who create caricatures for visitors. Renowned artists like Ratheesh Ravi, Anoop Radhakrishnan, Vinaya Tejaswi, Basheer Keezhissery, Sajeev Balakrishnan, A Satheesh, Jayaraj T G, Sajeev Sooranad, and T S Santhosh are participating, adding a touch of humor and creativity to the event.
Keraleeyam features two captivating art exhibitions. The first, titled ‘Maps of Our Skin,’ is curated by Jitha Karthikeyan and showcases the work of diverse artists, including Amy Atmaja, A Ananthalal, Anitha T K, Anupama Elias, and more. The second exhibition, curated by Sunoj D and Namrata Niyog, founders of Lakshmi Nivas Collective, presents prominent artists like Bose Krishnamachari and Vipin Dhanurdharan. K P Mohanan, the Akademi secretary, emphasized the significance of Keraleeyam in contemporary India. He highlighted that the event’s expenses should be viewed as an investment rather than a waste of funds, as it serves as a platform for vital discussions crucial for Kerala’s future development. The art exhibition at Kanakakunnu Palace has garnered a positive response, with expectations of increased attendance in the coming days. Keraleeyam, concluding on Tuesday, also includes the display and sale of the Akademi’s publications and products, offering attendees an opportunity to grab a piece – WILLIAMSJI MAVELI

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