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Keraleeyam Day 2


If you are happened to be there in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala, you shouldn’t miss this this years KERALEEYAM festival. And if you plan to visit Kerala to experience this week-long celebration of heritage and culture including trade, you should be on your way already! The Keraleeyam Festival is a big celebration with lots of excitement. It’s a great way to see why Kerala is one of the best tourist destinations in the country. It’s not just about the beautiful tea gardens, beaches, backwaters, and hills; it’s also because of the strong culture and traditions. You should see unique art forms like Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Koodiyattam, Ottamthullal, and Kalaripayattu at least once.
In Kerala’s capital city, Thiruvananthapuram, a big episode called Keraleeyam is happening for a whole week. This festival is not just about celebrating Kerala’s culture. It’s also about art, business, and more. It’s a way to show off all the progress Kerala has made. The festival runs from the beginning until November 7, and there are lots of things to do, like talks, exhibitions, fairs, and events in over 40 places. The idea is to show the best of Kerala to the world, including traditional arts, music, dance, and shows from different parts of the state.

The concerned organizing state’s department is currently showcasing a comprehensive exhibition featuring an array of documents, information, and images spanning the transition from historical records to digital survey technologies. This exhibition is a pivotal part of the Revenue Department’s ‘Land Reforms in Kerala’ seminar and is being hosted at the Central Stadium. The exhibition is meticulously divided into distinct categories, encompassing Ancient Records dating back to the British colonial era, giving highlights to the latest Digital Survey Records, insights into the new digital concept titled “My Land Portal” , and an array of Survey tools. Visitors will have the opportunity to delve into a descriptive overview of the public services offered by the Survey Department, along with a detailed presentation on the software implemented.

This engaging exhibition is set to run until November 6, offering an insightful journey through the evolution and advancements within the Survey Department, highlighting its rich historical roots and modern digital survey innovations. The festival is also a great way to learn more about Kerala’s amazing food. A big part of Kerala’s tourism is its local, authentic, and traditional cuisine. The food is different from place to place, whether you’re on the coast, in the hills, or in the countryside. You can try all of this during the festival.

Keraleeyam 2023 is a big stage to show the world how Kerala has grown, achieved in culture, and improved society. Kerala is well-known internationally for its social development, including education, development plans, reducing poverty, ensuring everyone can read, and providing healthcare, and housing. This festival starts Kerala’s journey to become even more prosperous socially and economically by showcasing its impressive achievements.- WILLIAMSJI MAVELI

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