JNU implements strict rules

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) has introduced stringent rules, including fines and expulsion, for students engaging in protests, displaying posters, or participating in activities deemed “anti-national.” The new campus manual outlines fines of up to Rs 20,000 or expulsion for staging dharnas or placing wall posters within 100 meters of academic buildings. Any act considered “anti-national” may incur a fine of Rs 10,000. Repeat violations can result in expulsion.

Prohibited activities now include protests within 100 meters of academic buildings, acts inciting intolerance, and disruptions such as gheraos or sit-ins. The rules were implemented following an incident in October involving an “anti-national” slogan on a building wall, sparking controversy and prompting the university to establish a committee to address such incidents.

JNU Students’ Union opposes the rules, claiming they aim to stifle dissent and calls for their withdrawal. The university has the authority to waive, alter, or uphold punishments. Printing, circulating, or pasting derogatory materials is also prohibited. Students receiving five or more punishments may face expulsion. Punished students cannot register for the semester or obtain a ‘no-dues’ certificate until fines are paid. Punishments are communicated to parents/guardians and published on the official website. Non-compliance with proctorial inquiries may lead to community service or rustication.

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