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Indonesia’s singular single-room tower.

In Salatiga, Central Java, a seven-room hotel named PituRooms aspires to claim the title of the “world’s skinniest hotel.” Architect Ary Indra, returning to his hometown, transformed a small piece of land into a five-story hotel, each floor measuring just 2.8 meters wide. This narrow marvel, PituRooms, not only showcases its width but also pays homage to Salatiga’s culture.

Situated at the base of Mount Merbabu, PituRooms provides guests with a direct view of the majestic mountain from their compact yet functional rooms. Each room includes a double bed, a small bathroom with a shower, and a toilet, adorned with local artwork to offer seven distinct experiences. The hotel also features a bar and restaurant on its top floor.

Ary Indra’s creation serves as a tribute to his hometown, encouraging guests to embrace Salatiga’s essence. Beyond being a place to stay, PituRooms introduces visitors to the unconventional charm of a small town with a big heart.

Mr. Indra shared with CNN, “I want people to experience Salatiga in a new way. I own, designed, and operate PituRooms with my own team. It has become my new platform to generate a new type of tourism involving local communities.” Overcoming challenges, he emphasized the uniqueness of PituRooms, challenging the conventional mindset of the hospitality industry fixated on superlatives.

Since its opening in December 2022, PituRooms has hosted 95% Indonesian guests, with positive reactions highlighting the amazement at the comfortable living and movement possibilities within limited space.

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