Friday, July 19, 2024

IndiGo tricks passengers, plane issue.

Six passengers of a Chennai-bound IndiGo flight were asked to deboard at Bengaluru airport, alleging that the airline didn’t want to fly with only six passengers. The incident occurred at Kempegowda International Airport after the landing of IndiGo flight 6E478 from Amritsar to Chennai via Bengaluru. Passengers received calls claiming they’d be put on an alternative flight, but they were reportedly deceived, leading to an overnight stay in the city.


IndiGo sources confirmed the incident, stating that two passengers stayed in a hotel, while others opted for the airport lounge. The airline explained the delay and mentioned efforts to assist passengers, apologizing for any inconvenience. However, passengers are seeking action for the alleged deception by IndiGo staffers, expressing dissatisfaction with the handling of the situation.


Despite the airline’s apology and explanation, the passengers confronted an IndiGo staffer, and the assistant manager’s response was perceived as unsympathetic. The incident raises concerns about passenger communication and the airline’s responsibility in such situations.

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