Sunday, May 26, 2024

Indian government issues warning for android users due to security risk.

The Indian cyber agency, CERT-In, has uncovered multiple vulnerabilities in Android operating systems, including versions 11, 12.5.12L, and 13.

These vulnerabilities, as identified by CERT-In’s cybersecurity experts, present a significant risk as they could potentially be exploited by malicious attackers. This exploitation could lead to the execution of arbitrary code, gaining elevated privileges, accessing sensitive information, and even causing a denial of service (DoS) on targeted devices.

These vulnerabilities are present in various components of Android OS, including Framework, System, Google Play system updates, Arm components, MediaTek components, Unisoc components, Qualcomm components, and Qualcomm closed-source components.

The successful exploitation of these vulnerabilities could permit attackers to execute arbitrary code, acquire elevated privileges, access sensitive information, and induce a denial of service on the targeted system. This widespread issue affects a substantial number of Android devices.

Of particular concern are two vulnerabilities, known as CVE-2023-4863 and CVE-2023-4211, which are suspected to be actively exploited by attackers. CERT-In strongly recommends Android users to promptly take measures to safeguard their devices. Applying the latest security patches and updates is deemed crucial to protect against these potential threats.

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