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Soubin Shahir's 'Ela Veezha Poonchira' is a neatly packed thriller | Movie  review | Onmanorama
In the rugged expanse of “Ilaveezhapoonchira” lies a terrain as challenging as it is enchanting. Amidst the breathtaking vistas of this hill station in Kottayam district, a small police outpost stands sentinel, manned by officers accustomed to harsh weather conditions where rain, thunderstorms, and even lightning deaths are not uncommon.
Among them are Madhu, Sudhi, and Prabhu, known as Venghayam, who take turns overseeing the station, their duties primarily revolving around redirecting tourists away from perilous areas, sometimes facing the brunt of their taunts. However, tranquility is shattered when the discovery of a dismembered hand in the vicinity, followed by other body parts scattered across different locations, launches an intense investigation. Suspicion soon falls upon Madhu, prompting questions about his potential involvement in the gruesome crime and unraveling the intricate threads of the story.
Despite the picturesque setting renowned for trekking and off-road adventures, cinematographer Manesh Madhavan struggles to capture its essence. Director Shahi Kabir, drawing from his own experiences as a real-life policeman and with prior writing credits including “Joseph” and “Nayattu,” opts for a concise runtime of 106 minutes. This decision is perhaps one of the film’s few commendable aspects, devoid of unnecessary flashbacks or musical interludes, presenting a straightforward narrative. The initial half of the film meanders through the scenic landscapes, introducing the characters and setting without a clear direction. It’s only in the latter half that the plot gains momentum, yet just as intrigue begins to build, the movie abruptly concludes, leaving much to be desired.
A lackluster storyline and uninspired storytelling undermine the efforts of the lead actors and the director, with only the performances of Soubin and Sudhi managing to shine through. Ultimately, the movie thriller fails to leave a lasting impact. While die-hard enthusiasts of the genre or fans of Soubin may find some merit in the film, others may find it lacking and opt to overlook it altogether.

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