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How Indian travelers can save big on their European adventure: 10 smart ways

Vacation in Europe is one big dream for most Indian travellers, however, due to the high expense of ticketing, lodging, food, and currency exchange, it can be challenging to afford. But don’t let these factors deter you. Here are some practical tips to help you save money and make the most of your European trip from India.

Choose affordable European cities and the duration of your trip: While Europe’s most popular destinations are France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Spain, it will be better if you consider budget-friendly cities in these regions. Like Accommodation and food will not drain your wallet in cities like Prague, Budapest, Sofia, Krakow, etc.

Set a Budget, Research and Plan: Try to collect information on the cost of living in the cities you plan to travel to. Knowing well in advance about free sightseeing, activities, and attractions in the destination ca help you a lot. Check on the public transport mode for local and intra-city transfers. Always check the regional tourism webpage for travel passes and other deals.

Book Early: Always look for flights and accommodation well in advance, say 90 days in advance. It can save you a significant amount of money. Consider flying on weekdays to get cheaper fares. Choosing a budget airline and hopping flights can save you enormous. Select to stay in hostels, Airbnb and homestays instead of expensive hotels.

Travel During Off-Season Traveling during the off-season can considerably reduce your expenses on airfare and lodging costs. Travelling in the off-season is also a good experience with less crowds, making your trip more enjoyable.

Use Budget Airlines and Trains: Europe has a plethora of budget airlines like Ryanair, EasyJet, and Wizz Air. These airlines offer low-cost flights between major cities. Additionally, consider using the extensive rail network, buses, trams and metros with travel passes which can be economical if you plan to visit multiple countries. Walking is another budget commuting example.

Use value entry passes and discount days: Most European countries have their regional travel and attraction passes, free walking tours, parks, and free entry on certain days. Use Eurail, Swiss travel pass, Paris Museum pass, etc. These value passes grant access to multiple entries to various attractions and transport.

Eat Like a Local: One of the major cost-saving tips while travelling internationally is dining like local. Eat at local eateries, kiosks, and street foods. This allows for getting local flavours. Shopping at local markets, and grocery stores offers delicious and affordable meal options.

Use Travel Rewards and Pack Light If you have a travel credit card, use reward points to book flights or accommodations. Look for student, senior, or group discounts if you qualify. Pack light to avoid excess baggage costs.

Carry Ready-to-cook food packets: Buy some ready to cook food packets before travelling. Budget accommodations offer a kitchenette or hot water facilities. You can use it to cook ready-to-eat meals.

Buy a cheap roaming mobile plan from India. Many companies offer good 15-day to one-month mobile network plans. Keep them handy. Staying connected while travelling internationally is important.

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