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GURUKARUNAMRITHAM an English translation of the divine experience

Pens & Scrolls Publishing House is delighted to present the English translation of Gurukarunamritham(Malayalam) by KG Padmavathy Amma, which was originally published in 1966. Gurukarunamritham is a book that narrates the divine experiences of KG Padmavathy Amma and her family, who were devotees of Shree Abhedananda Swamiji, during their journey to meet him. The translation into English has been impeccably done by G Mahalekshmi Nair, a renowned poet and author, who has beautifully conveyed the emotions and experiences presented in the original publication.


Mahalekshmi is currently serving as the Creative Head of IAIF (Innovative Authors International Forum) and has showcased her writing skills in several anthologies such as DELUSION Vol 1, Daisy Dreams, and Desert Storms. She has also excelled in book cover illustrations and interior sketches, which have added grace and life to many publications, including Kavyathamagadham, a collection of Malayalam verses by Sindhu Nandakumar. Although Gurukarunamritham is Mahalekshmi’s first translation work, she has done full justice to the book by completing the entire translation within a short span of three months, without losing the beauty or emotions encapsulated in the original writing.


On April 9th, in celebration of the 114th Jayanthi of Shree Abhedananda Swamiji, the English translation of Gurukarunamritham was released by Sri Nandakumar IAS at Trivandrum Abhedananda Ashram (East Fort). Mahalekshmi describes her translation experience as a divine opportunity to spread the light of joy in her life through the blessings of Shree Abhedananda Swamiji. She believes that the book will take its readers on a joyful journey that will undoubtedly immerse their minds in an enchanted world of affection, love, and divinity.

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