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When Guneet Monga’s Oscar speech is interrupted, she remarks, “This was India’s moment taken away from me.”

At the Oscars in 2023, The Elephant Whisperers producer Guneet Monga’s speech was interrupted. Now, she has responded to it.

Guneet Monga's Oscars speech was cut off.

When Guneet Monga and Kartiki Gonsalves took home the coveted golden trophy for Best Documentary Short at the 2023 Oscars, they brought honor to their country. For The Elephant Whisperers, they were given the prestigious award. An ecstatic Kartiki got to finish her speech once she was on stage. Guneet was forced to omit her speech when the iconic Oscar music began to play as she took the microphone. Guneet expressed her disappointment in it in a recent interview, claiming that she had intended to talk about India winning an Oscar.

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“There was a shock on my face,” Guneet Monga told Bombay Times. It’s the first Oscar for an Indian production, which is a huge accomplishment, is all I wanted to say. I couldn’t have traveled this far and gone unheard, so my heart began to beat quickly. The Academy that I was unable to address is receiving attention from Western media. People are so offended by the fact that I was not given the opportunity to give my speech. There are tweets and videos online from people who are disappointed that I wasn’t able to speak. India’s moment had been stolen from me. But after that, I reasoned, “I’ll just come back here and make sure I’m heard. I’ve had numerous opportunities to express my ideas, which is encouraging.

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Despite the fact that Guneet Monga didn’t get to experience her Oscar moment in relation to the speech on stage, the producer didn’t moan. She gave her speech later and then shared it on social media. She expressed the same in a letter to the editor, writing, “My heart is full of joy, love and excitement, most of it imbibed from everyone in India cheering for our win (sic).”

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