Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Google maps displays ‘Bharat’ with the Indian flag.

In a notable update, Google Maps now recognizes both “Bharat” and “India” as a “Country in South Asia” when entered into its search box, along with displaying the Indian flag digital code. This feature applies to users of Google Maps in both Hindi and English, offering consistent results whether you search for “Bharat” or “India.” It’s a reflection of Google’s adaptability to official nomenclature, as the central government has been gradually using “Bharat” in place of “India” in its official communications.

Across various Google products like Search, Translator, News, and more, users are provided with the option to search using either “Bharat” or “India,” resulting in similar outcomes. While Google has not made an official announcement about these changes, it appears to be aligning with the government’s evolving language preferences. This transition to acknowledging “Bharat” alongside “India” is evident, especially in the Hindi version of Google Maps, where “भारत” is now preferred, while the English version continues to use “India.” This adaptation also extends to Google Translate, which provides alternative translations such as “हिंदुस्तान” and “भारतवर्ष” for “India.” Please note that this update may roll out gradually, so it may take some time for all users to experience these changes.

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