Get ready for the Apple event with a sneak peek at the “Scary fast” M3 series MacBook Pro and iMac.

Apple’s final product launch of the year, set for Monday, will focus on updating the Mac, which is approaching its 40th anniversary; the event, titled “Scary Fast,” will take place online at an unusual time of 5 p.m. California time on Halloween eve, with expectations centered around the unveiling of new MacBook Pro laptops and iMac desktops featuring Apple’s anticipated M3 3-nanometer processors, poised to be a significant upgrade from the M2 line introduced in June 2022; this release comes as the personal computing market rebounds from the post-pandemic slump, with new competitors like Nvidia and Qualcomm entering the scene, and is crucial for Apple, aiming to boost sales during the crucial holiday season following several quarters of declining figures; while the Mac division accounts for around 10% of annual sales, it remains a significant revenue generator for Apple, anticipated to bring in just under $8.1 billion in the holiday quarter, according to Wall Street estimates.

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