Gaganyaan 2025 launch

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) announced that India’s Gaganyaan mission is set to launch in 2025, with plans to establish the Indian Space Station by 2035. These developments emerged from a high-level meeting led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, assessing the progress of the Gaganyaan mission.

The Department of Space provided an extensive overview of the Gaganyaan Mission, highlighting key technologies like human-rated launch vehicles and system qualification. Approximately 20 major tests, including three uncrewed missions of the Human Rated Launch Vehicle (HLVM3), were discussed. The first demonstration flight of the Crew Escape System Test Vehicle is scheduled for October 21. The meeting confirmed the mission’s readiness for a 2025 launch.

The PMO statement mentioned that the Prime Minister has directed India to pursue ambitious goals, including establishing the ‘Bharatiya Antariksha Station’ (Indian Space Station) by 2035 and sending the first Indian to the Moon by 2040.

To achieve these objectives, the Department of Space will create a roadmap for Moon exploration, including Chandrayaan missions, a Next Generation Launch Vehicle (NGLV), a new launch pad, human-centric laboratories, and related technologies.

Additionally, PM Modi encouraged Indian scientists to explore interplanetary missions, including a “Venus Orbiter Mission and a Mars Lander.”

ISRO also announced that Gaganyaan’s first test flight is scheduled for October 21, with limited visibility for spectators at Sriharikota, and registration for public viewing opens on October 17, 2023, at 6 pm.

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